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Carnival of the Liberals Coming Up

Carnival of the Liberals
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Dear Liberal Carnivalers,

Now that’s the way we like to do things at Carnival of the Liberals! Almost seventy great entries this time, but Gracie at XXBN Radio worked hard to find the ten rarest gems out of all the jewels sent in for Carnival of the Liberals #74. Next up is Clashing Culture on October 8th. Keep those submissions coming!

Liberally yours,
Leo Lincourt

Submit entries through the blog form linked above.  Rumor is that there were 70 entries for the lat one.  I can only include the top ten entries for brevity.  There will be no special “Clashing Culture” bias towards the selection, just my favorites of all those submitted.  Considering that there is an election upcoming in the U.S. – this Carnival will be a fairly big deal.


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