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Religion and… aliens?

Brandon Kiem of Wired Science posted two articles today about religion and aliens that were amusing yet thought provoking: Will Aliens Destroy Earthly Religion? and The Surprising Spirituality of SETI. I find them especially interesting now because I just finished rereading an old favorite: Rama II. It’s not the best SF book, but there is just enough discussion of what may happen to religion in the future to make it interesting for me.

What would happen to individuals and to religious institutions if we discovered that we aren’t alone in the universe? Does a person’s faith or lack thereof make them more or less accepting of the idea that life on other planets might exist, or are the two views unrelated?

I’ve always believed that there is a possibility of intelligent life on other planets that we cannot rule out. If they show up, I won’t be surprised – but neither am I expecting it. Instead, I choose to focus on intelligent life on our planet (more on that in a later post).

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